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You learn to survive quick when you’re being dragged behind a team of sled dogs. A comedy about a girl and her dogsled team navigating the rocky terrain of growing up and her quest to become the alpha of her own pack.

Marla Black brings her real life childhood experience of growing up with a leadership coach Dad and fifteen sled dogs to the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Bringing the same raw honesty and quirky sensibility that has graced the stages of Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The Second City, Black asks the age-old question – can a natural born Omega ever change her rank in the pack. Well… can they? She really wants to know.

Raised By Wolves made its World Premiere with a sold out run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It won the Producer's Encore Award, a Platinum Medal from TVOLUTION, as well as, taking top honors as the Best Solo Show. The show earned praise from critics and audiences alike and won the Audience Choice Award from Better Lemons. Pre-Covidian times, it also had a run at the Upright Citizen's Brigade.

What Audiences and critics Are Saying

“A strikingly adept blending of humor and horror as performer Marla Black and director John Flynn takes their audience along on a skillfully crafted sled ride that turns down an unexpected dark path…. PLATINUM MEDAL.”
– Ernest Kearney, THETVOLUTION
“This was a Ted Talk/Seminar disguised as a Fringe show, and would be a bargain at ten times the price. Don’t miss this priceless and thought-provoking show.”
– Bob Leggett, LA MUSIC CRITIC
“…among the solo shows at Fringe this year, this world-premiere from Marla Black is an Alpha. You will laugh, you may cry, and you will most certainly enjoy “Raised by Wolves.”
– Zachary Bernstein, FRINGE REVIEW

“Someone please pay this woman mega bucks to make this into a TV show!”

– Kristina Mueller


“The show was excellent. Well written, incredibly performed and a story that became increasingly engaging as the play continued. That’s a feat in and of itself. The audience was on the edge of their seats wondering where this story would lead and no one left with a dry eye.”


– Erin Simms, Writer of Book Club

“Marla Black is a dynamic, versatile performer- showcasing her comedic timing, wit, raw emotions, and beautiful sensitivity in this badass, brilliant one-woman show.”

– Scott Langer, Writer of Thank You For Loving Me

“This show was amazing and incredible. Marla’s performance was stellar and her writing was so perfect. One of the best shows I’ve seen this fringe.”

– Angela Beevers, Associate Producer of Silicon Valley

The Team


Marla Black (Writer/Performer/Producer) is an L.A. based writer/performer from Canada. Before attending the Professional Program in Screenwriting & TV Writing at UCLA, she studied in New York at the Lee Strasberg Institute. Marla has appeared on screen in CBS's Seal Team, on stage at the Upright Citizen's Brigade and is the co-host of RoyalTea (a podcast devoted to all things Meghan Markle). She was a Finalist in 2019 PGA Power of Diversity Workshop, a Semi-Finalist in the Nate Wilson Screenwriting Award at UCLA, and was spotlighted as a comedy creator on Elizabeth Bank’s WhoHaHa. When she's not on stage or writing, Marla can be found putting costumes on her cat and calling it a short film (Cat Affair). 

Additional Voice Cast:

Will McLaughlin

Betsy Sodaro

Amy Landecker

Loren McGinnis

Morgan Kelly

Christi Pedigo


John Flynn (Director) directs, performs, and teaches at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles. He was co-creator of Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made! Ever! and directed one person shows of Jenny Slate, Jon Gabrus, Joe Mande, and many others.  He recently directed Thrones! A Musical Parody at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  He recently co-wrote the script to The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Hocus Pocus at Rockwell Table and Stage. He also played the role of Miranda Priestly in their musical parody of The Devil Wears Prada.

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